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Jack & Rose is a full-service floral design studio located in Long Island, New York. 


Our Flowers

Through a partnership with our sister company, New York Importing and Distribution Center, we are able to provide the freshest and highest-quality flowers to our customers throughout the entire year. New York Importing and Distribution Center is a wholesale import company that sources flowers from the premier growing destinations around the world, including Colombia, the Netherlands, Thailand, New Zealand and more.

While our preference is to always work with flowers that are in season and locally grown, we will also work with our clients to source from our partners around the world, to help bring your vision for your special event to life. Furthermore, through this partnership, we are also able to cut out the middleman of other third-party wholesalers, providing a financial benefit that we are able to extend to our customers. With this, our customers are able to receive a fresher, and higher-quality product at a better price. 

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