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Jack & Rose is a full-service floral design studio located in Long Island, New York. 



We understand planning an event can often be overwhelming so we've pulled together a helpful list of some frequently asked questions to answer some of the questions you may already be thinking about. Don't see your question below? Just shoot us an email! We'd love to help. 

+ I want a flower that currently isn't in season. Am I out of luck?

Of course not! While it is true that many flowers only bloom during certain times of the year in certain locations, we do import all types of flowers from all over the world.

+ I have no idea what kind of floral design I like. What should I do?

Research. Research. Research! It's always best when our clients have some sort of an idea of what he/she does or does not like. That way we have a little direction and can run with things from there. Create a pinterest board, bring in magazines, and ask friends! All of it is greatly helpful

+ Where do you get your flowers from?

While our preference is to source in-season flowers from local farms, whenever possible, we understand that sometimes our clients have a specific vision in mind that doesn't always line up with Mother Nature's calendar. Therefore, through our sister import company, we source our flowers from all over the world.

+ How does the process work? What can I expect?

We know planning a special event or a wedding can often be an overwhelming experience so we try to keep things as simple and stress-free as possible. The first step is to schedule an initial introductory meeting to get to know us and our services. This gives us an opportunity to understand what your needs are as well. Once you’ve booked, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss exact details for what you are looking for, timing, budget, etc. From there, you will book your “creative design session,” where you will select your flowers, colors and designs. As we get closer to your event, we will meet again for a “sample session” in which we will have a sample of your centerpiece on hand for your approval. This typically takes place 4-6 weeks prior to your event and will be your opportunity for any final changes and to give your approval.

+ How much should we budget for flowers? I've heard flowers can be very expensive.

We work will all types of types of budgets! To keep costs down, it is recommended that you try to work with flowers that are in season, and remain a little open minded to the specific blooms featured in your pieces. By keeping an open mind, we can often keep costs even lower.

+ What if I change my mind about the design choice we have settled on?

As we move through the process, and through our many meetings, we often find our clients may slightly alter their selection. It is quite common and we encourage this back and forth so we ensure you settle on something you are going to truly love. Your “sample session,” which typically takes place 4-6 weeks before your event, will be the moment when you make your final selections.

+ I would really love for my centerpieces to be placed in special vases, etc. Do you offer rental services?

Yes! We often rent pieces to our clients, as well as work with many different vases and props they bring to us.

+ I’ve gotten a ton of ideas from wedding magazines and social media. Are they realistic for my event?

Sometimes! The important thing to remember is that many of those stunning photos you see online and in magazines can be set up for an editorial photoshoot and aren't from real events. Therefore, you don't know the specific conditions the flowers were placed in, if they would work for your affair, the time of year, climate, etc. Additionally, sometimes things look different in pictures so we just ask that you use these pictures for inspiration and guidance, but always keep an open mind.

+ What forms of payment do you accept- are credit cards included?

We accept cash and personal checks. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

+ When is payment due?

Upon booking, an initial deposit will be due. Your final balance will then be paid upon viewing your final approved centerpiece sample. Final balances must be paid in cash.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer a refund for your initial deposit or final payment for any reason. However, we do understand extenuating circumstances sometimes do arise, in which, in those unique scenarios, we may offer our clients a credit towards future flowers or services.